366//Week 12

This week was awesome.
I got serious about working out. I got my bike fixed (finally!).
I made most of my meals.
I escaped the city bustle and saw a traditional Korean city.
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March 19, No Photo. Note: If I forget a photo for a day, I will skip that “day” and just make the challenge stretch longer. At this rate, it’ll take til next February to get it finished!

March 20, Day 78
Began a workout calendar to track progress at work.
It’s a great way to motivate yourself (especially with the shiny stickers)! Continue reading


Chickens are for Awesome People.

Chickens are awesome. You might have some kind of preconception on what chickens are like: poking people’s eyes out, squabbling loudly about the yard, getting feces everywhere, or maybe just that they taste good.

But this is my take on chickens (and why you’d be awesome if you had some):

  • They are super loving and affectionate. If you raise your chickens from chicks, they will follow you around just like their surrogate mother. They also look cool pecking around and making cooing sounds.
  • They aren’t loud at all. In fact, you can even keep a small number of chickens in an urban backyard. Roosters, on the other hand…
  • Coops that are built well are resistant to nasty odors and buildup. Of course, it all depends on the person that’s Caretaker and how diligent they are, but otherwise there is very little cleanup.
  • Chickens can produce up to two eggs per day. That will save a lot of money in the (very) long run, and they make great pets. If you like to eat chicken, you can choose to kill them once they stop laying, but for me, I’d rather keep them around to continue to make compost and fertilizer for my other Future Projects, like massive scale gardening (okay, massive only in my mind).
  • You’re awesome if you raise them because you are actually helping the environment and reducing your carbon footprint (as well as your grocery bill)! Raising chickens gives kids hands-on experience to animals and how to treat them properly. It also is a great learning tool for adults, especially those who realize the horrors of caged conditions for most of the chicks we eat (and for some people, that’s every day!). Killing a chicken that you’ve raised in your own backyard might change the way you think about eating animals…

Before I get on a tangent, here are some beautiful inspiration pics of coops around the States. I would want to make my coop elaborate and beautiful, sparing little expense. It also has to be practical – and that’s what the inside is for! Check it out…

*Each picture is a clickable link to the story behind it!*

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366//Week 10

This is really, unusually late. With the start of the new semester at work, I’ve been busier than before. I’d like to keep on top of this and share these photos with you, still, though. 🙂

March 4, Day 64
Dried frogs at the Outdoor Market in Anyang. Continue reading

Moving in the Garden

For the past few weeks, you could say I’ve become fascinated (ahem. obsessed.) with gardens and horticulture in general. Roaming through the endless Gardening page of Pinterest, I find little things that catch my eye and throw me into the “YOU MUST MAKE A GARDEN FOR ALL THESE AMAZING IDEAS!” mode.

You may call it domestication. I call it awesome.

This is the kind of thing that inspires me… whether big or small projects, I seem to get this overwhelming sensation of “I need nature in my life!” whenever I get hip-deep in Gardening blogs. (Thank you, Pinterest creators.)

Here are a few of the “finds” that I’ve tried in my teeny-tiny garden so far… Continue reading

366//Week 8

I have completely failed this time for updating in a timely fashion. I’ll make sure to upload properly this coming Sunday.

Last week was very accurately known to my friends as my “birthday WEEK”, since every day there was something fun to do and something delicious to eat! (I’m warning you, lots of food photos ahead!)

Last week was also the time I started lots of DIY projects and attempted to make dishes I’d never even tasted before. I’m pretty sure there’s an advantage to that since I can pretend that it tastes better than if I bought it in a restaurant. 🙂

Here’s the craic:

 February 19, Day 51
My new wheels. Continue reading