South Korean Sweet Potatoes

There are so many things about Korea that I’ve wanted to share on this blog, but for some reason I never get around to it. Today, that changes.

Today’s topic is on Sweet Potatoes. Those sweet, soft, almost candied root veggies that we only put into our mouths when either our grandmothers or single aunts are around on the holidays (at least until we grow up).

They are orange in color and usually cook up to make EXCELLENT fries and can be a wonderful meat substitute.

However, Korean Sweet Potatoes…

…are WHITE! And extreeeeemely hard!

Here’s a story to illustrate why I’m so annoyed at Korean sweet potatoes.

One cold winter night, after having ate at least a pound of potatoes the previous week, I decided to get creative.

I tried to bake my sweet potato.

Most Korean kitchens do not come with an oven. I had to purchase a toaster oven off an ex-pat who was on their way home. It’s a little small but it usually does the job!

So I stuck my fattest sweet potato in the toaster and went off to watch QI or something. About an hour later (because I cannot be trusted to watch things in the oven) I came back, starving. I rescued my potato. I tried to cut into it.

It was  still rock-hard!

Can you believe that I actually had to STEAM the potato after baking it for an hour? And yes, it was wrapped in foil and had been soaked in water first! Arg!

Moral of the story is, do not try to bake, fry, or eat your Korean Sweet Potato raw. It will not be good unless it is steamed. You can steam a whole bunch of them for about 30 minutes, stick them in the fridge, and stick ’em in the microwave at work the next day.

But creativity can only go so far with these tubers.

Here are some pictures of Korean sweet potatoes for your blogging pleasure, courtesy of Google:

Cute boy and giant sweet potatoes!

South Korean “Mr. Pizza” with a “Gold Ring” of Sweet Potato…as well as corn, bacon, and potato slices. Oh, and mayo. Mmm.

Most food in South Korea has a cartoon character that encourages you to eat it… this one is so happy/sad that he’s about to be peeled and eaten!

What better way to say “Happy Birthday!” than with a sweet potato cake?

A woman empathizes with my situation… baking sweet potatoes is such a beautiful thing…

Could this be the world’s largest?

Anyway, enough about potatoes. I’m getting hungry!
Have a great Monday!


Massive Moving SALE//Clothes + Appliances + MORE!

Massive Moving SALE!

Are you staying in Korea for another winter but need a wardrobe makeover, or just looking for some cheap staples to fill in your collection? Look no further!


Cornflower Blue Beaded Hippy Dress
?? Size 8-10
(top portion runs a little small but stretches)

Beautiful Fuchsia Pink Cocktail Dress
New York and Company Size 8
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The Do’s and Don’ts of Jisan Valley Rock Festival 2012

Looks like everyone is getting ready for one of the biggest rock scenes in Korea’s hot and muggy summer, Jisan!

This will be my second year at the gig, but I know many people who are going for the first time. Coming from experience (and boy, some of those were really nerve-wrecking), I’m going to share with you some of the inside scoop for how to have a great time at the festival.


  1. Bring extra towels, sunscreen, a hat (no one cares what you look like after a few beers anyway), changes of underwear, something that passes as a blanket (micro-fiber is best), and some patience to get past security.
  2. Load lots of money on your T-Money card BEFORE going to the party area. You will have to buy everything at the vendors (with the exception of cigarettes and food from the “resort area”) with it.  By the second day last year, most of the machines were broken. Not cool.
  3. Have something cushy to sleep on. This can also be a random stranger or friend. Just please ask first.
  4. Carry a schedule with you. Preferably in one of these things:

    (Schedules and ID holders can be found at the gate, but the waterproof holders are not cheap unless you sign up for a million email offers at the beginning of the festival)
  5. Sleep during the day, party all night (if you can). Chances are you’ll want to see some bands and not want to miss out… plus, there is NOTHING to do from 5am til about 11/noon. Get some snooze.

6. DRINK WATER. I shouldn’t have to explain why except to show you this picture:

(That’s you after partying all night and forgetting to save a bottle of water for the next morning, only to stumble out of your tent, still drunk, crawling for the icky water station fountain. Seriously.)


  1. Do not bring alcohol into the festival. No glass or plastic bottles are allowed (other than UNOPENED water bottles). You can buy it there. Last year, they had an inflatable Jager tent. Yeah.
  2. Do not attempt to cook in the camping grounds. Actually, you probably shouldn’t be cooking anywhere. Just eat some kimchi and be happy.
  3. Do not wear contacts unless you like mud being flung into your eyes to feel the burning sensation. Masochist.
  4. Do not worry about your fashion sense, unless you have conformed to a certain aspect of Korean culture where you must look insanely beautiful/drop-dead gorgeous at all times. You can wear the same clothes for three days. Your friends won’t care, and if you’re there to hook up, that person probably won’t care either (unless they are one of the above mentioned people).
  5. DO. NOT. EVER. Shower in the shower stalls. I mean, it’s ok if you feel the need to bathe, as I understand that. But seriously, the water is ARCTIC CIRCLE cold and there is a nice, summer-temperature creek running right by the camping ground. The baths are public (not a problem for me) and the water is freezing (mentioned), but the most annoying thing to me was watching the men’s line go fast, maybe 2-3min per person, whereas it was 7-10min per person in the women’s line. I waited AN HOUR AND A HALF FOR A COLD SHOWER ERMGERD. Okay, I’m done.

Remember guys, you can bring your own tent but it must be a 2-3″인용” or “person” tent. Any larger and they will make you get out.

If you need any more information, please comment below. Otherwise, have a GREAT time! See you there!

Patriotic Nail Art!

Happy July 4th, everyone!

It’s already noon of the fourth in Seoul, while you all on the east coast are thinking about going to sleep.

Well, wait a sec and try this! Here’s a cute nail tip for teachers, office workers, or just anybody in general who likes to doll up their nails on holidays!


Here’s an example from Pinterest of the many different styles you could choose from today…

Or you can ask your significant other/best friend to help you with your creative mind flow at midnight and come up with this!

More points to you if you dress in red, white, and blue!
(And if you can draw straight lines in polish without help…)

Enjoy your weekday holiday, Americans! I’m envying the fact that you get a Federal Holiday while I’m stuck here making lesson plans.

Eat some BBQ for me!