Vietnamese Shabu Shabu: “Shabu Hyang!”

Shabu Shabu is a wonderful course meal. In Korea, this normally consists of three courses, veggies, noodles, and rice. If you’ve never had it, watch this video!


First, we were served all of the ingredients to make a wonderful beef-and-veggie stew.


Here it is, boiling away. The broth is a special beef and soy mix that is just so delish.


You can see here (just barely) how I stacked up my veggies and beef inside a wet rice paper. The flavor in this little sachet is unbelievable.


All folded up and ready to get in the belly!

After finishing the vegetables, or during if you’d rather, add the noodles to your soup. This step is not pictured because I was starving and way too excited, but you get the idea.

The last step is to make 죽 or rice porridge for all you non-Korean-reading people out there.


This was just heaven. Most of my friends were stuffed at this point,
so I got to eat as much as I wanted!

I’d definitely recommend this place.  5 stars!

Yongtong-dong, Suwon-si
샤부향 Shabu Hyang
Perpendicular from the Beer Cafeteria, Across the street from KFC, Behind Homeplus


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