Cocktail Weenies, A Christmas Side-Dish!

What holiday is complete without some smokey, sweet and tangy Cocktail Weenies? I actually can’t take credit for this recipe, since I had to search some websites to find what I was looking for, but it’s possible to make in Korea just like back home!


The original source of the recipe called for 1 12oz bottle of BBQ sauce (sweet) and 1 jar of grape jelly. While this sounds amusing, I thought I’d browse through the user comments and see if there was something a little closer to the ingredients commonly found in my kitchen.

I did forget to use my last remaining can of cranberry sauce for Thanksgiving dinner, which was obtained from a lovely care package last year (along with some tomato soup…yum). I decided to put it to good use (since it had been in the fridge for a long, long time – does it ever expire?) and… what do you know? Someone had a recipe for this lovely sauce that included good ol’ cranberry sauce.

Cocktail Weenies (variation from
Serves 4

1 12oz bottle chili sauce
1 14oz can cranberry sauce (no berries)
1 package of vienna sausages (about 1/2 lb)

1. Mix chili and cranberry sauce in a deep stovetop pot and bring to a simmer. Stir until cranberry sauce is completely melted and incorporated into the mixture (about 10 minutes).
2. Bring temperature down to slightly below simmer. Toss in sausages and cook about 10 minutes, or until desired flavor.
3. Skewer and eat!


sauce completely melted and mixed


plenty of sauce here – you could use 2 packages of sausages and it would work well


just the right color and flavor!

If you have a lot of leftover sauce like I did, you can use it as a marinade! I let chicken absorb the flavors overnight and baked it the next evening. Goes very well with any kind of potato and veggie side, like broccoli or steamed carrots!

Don’t let your extras go to waste! 😉


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