Opening new doors…er, curtains!

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I think anyone browsing Pinterest long enough will develop
the “organization bug”.
I have done several projects around my
teeny tiny apartment
for decoration, organization, and improved functionality.

Pinterest is like my inner Domestic Goddess’ heaven. 

Today’s post is about closet organization.
My new apartment has, what I call,
a tension-rod-organizer-rack-thingy.

It looks like this right now:

Yes, that’s my new apartment!

Now I want to show you my inspiration for what it is to become.
Please help me by choosing your favorites!
(Click on the picture for original source)


open and wonderfully colorful
[to keep me from wearing all black!]

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Massive Moving SALE//Clothes + Appliances + MORE!

Massive Moving SALE!

Are you staying in Korea for another winter but need a wardrobe makeover, or just looking for some cheap staples to fill in your collection? Look no further!


Cornflower Blue Beaded Hippy Dress
?? Size 8-10
(top portion runs a little small but stretches)

Beautiful Fuchsia Pink Cocktail Dress
New York and Company Size 8
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Patriotic Nail Art!

Happy July 4th, everyone!

It’s already noon of the fourth in Seoul, while you all on the east coast are thinking about going to sleep.

Well, wait a sec and try this! Here’s a cute nail tip for teachers, office workers, or just anybody in general who likes to doll up their nails on holidays!


Here’s an example from Pinterest of the many different styles you could choose from today…

Or you can ask your significant other/best friend to help you with your creative mind flow at midnight and come up with this!

More points to you if you dress in red, white, and blue!
(And if you can draw straight lines in polish without help…)

Enjoy your weekday holiday, Americans! I’m envying the fact that you get a Federal Holiday while I’m stuck here making lesson plans.

Eat some BBQ for me!