Accountability in the Fitness World

I used to be completely obsessed with fitness and health about 3 years ago. I lost 55lbs (~27kg) and could lift about 50lbs (22.5kg) with each arm. WHOA! That’s not bad for a 22 year old woman who never worked out before in her life! ­čÖé

So now that I’m all flabby and fat again (today’s scale reads 77kg – 169.7lbs), I want to change!

I’m not nearly as fat and flabby as I used to be. My highest weight was 210lbs (~95kg) and my lowest was 155lbs – 70kg.

What’s the starter plan? Work out 3x a week for more than 30min, daily stretching and yoga, drink lots of water every day (84oz/2,485ml), and make┬áconscious┬ádecisions about what I put in my mouth!

Every week, I’ll post an update of how I’m doing. Mostly, it’s for me to keep track and keep myself motivated.

I’m even looking into vegetarian cooking as a way to help push through these last 15lbs. I love the way eating raw/veggie makes me glow!

If you’d like to join me, please comment below and tell me what your plan is! Remember, baby steps are the best way to form a habit ­čÖé