Where Do We Go From Here?

Last year, I created three blogs in the hope that one of them would find huge success. It turns out that three blogs is a lot of work!


I did find a small glimmer of hope over at Eat Your Lunchee. This blog is specifically designed for foodies interested in School Lunches, especially in Korea.

This year, I have a new direction, and that’s food. Not just the Lunch-ees… but my own recipes. I’m inspired by many bloggers, namely 519 Kitchen and A Fat Girl’s Food Guide. I’ve been following them for quite some time and they give me great ideas!

Soon, the layout of “Everything Rae” will change to something new and shiny, especially formatted to fit all of the food I want to share with you.

Thank you so much for following my adventures. I look forward to the change and a new outlook on blogging!


Embracing Domesticity

All of my adult(ish) life, I’ve felt like I was the kind of crazy, independent, free-bird, tomboy kind of girl to never have the kind of time and patience required to stand in a kitchen for hours, slaving over food that would probably taste mediocre at best. I’ve never been the cook of  the family (although I have tried, and succeeded a few times) and I sincerely loathe doing dishes, with or without dishwashers being invented. Trust me, that keeps me at least 10 yards from the kitchen at all times!

A few times in the past, I’ve started up the hobby of cooking, wrestling ingredients and “heavy machinery” in my grandmother’s kitchen. It never lasted long, though. After some really dedicated tries, I gave up cooking in favor of having others cook for me. (How impeccably middle class.)

About 2 years ago, I became a raw foodist. It was an incredible change for my body and health. Overall, I felt like I had more energy and life than ever before, and everyone around me thought I was crazy! I aspire to eat raw again someday (when I live in an area chock full of fresh and affordable vegetables again)!

When I moved to South Korea, my access to ingredients I was used to working with was almost completely cut off. (Even though availability is getting steadily better in bigger supermarkets like E-Mart, I still have spices sent in care packages to this day.)

I made stir fry almost every night for nearly a year. Yeah, it was that bad.

So when did the domestication come in, you ask?

Well, a few months ago I started getting homesick. I was literally getting ill from eating Korean-style. A nasty mixture of hormones, allergies, and bronchitis had me in and out of hospitals for over a month. Once I finally got the germs to stop clinging to me, I realized like a lightbulb flashing before my eyes: I can cook!

Or so I thought.

But hey, trying is doing. And doing is believing. (Or something like that.)

Cheesy "Egg Botty"

Breakfast for dinner...a specialty

Even with the smallest kitchen known to man (literally, in a closet, I’ll show you sometime), I still enjoy finding new things to brew up and challenge my limits with.

DIY Freezer Meals

The newest cooking bandwagon I’ve jumped onto whole-heartedly is frozen slow cooker meals. Yeah, I’m just like every other working woman, and throwing a healthy meal in a heated pot for 8 hours so I can come home to a heavenly-scented kitchen is absolute perfection to me. (Seriously. Thank you, Rival Industries.)
So now I feel like a ’50’s housewife, always organizing things, cooking, sometimes cleaning (hah), and doing things like printing recipe cards, researching my dream kitchen, and spending hours of my day combing through sites like Pinterest and Punchfork.
I’ve come to terms with my new hobbies and interests and have decided: just because I still love to get muddy during a soccer match or climb some of the tallest mountains in Korea doesn’t mean I can’t love doing these more “feminine” things, too.
Have you been surprised by changes in your lifestyle that crept up on you slowly but seemed totally unlike you? Tell me about it!