Korea Roundup! (Photo Post 2010-2013)

Kimchi Pots

Kimchi Pots

The last few years have been incredible. Life-changing. Inspiring. Lots of adjectives.

I’ve opened up myself to new experiences, opportunities, and people. I’ve seen the good and the bad.

And somehow, I’ve managed to survive when I sometimes felt like I wouldn’t be able to anymore.

We all have that, don’t we? That enate ability to survive. That willpower that sees us through even when you reach the darkest depths.

I feel like most people will have their moment… the one where you feel like you’ve got nothing left, you’re surrounded by darkness, loneliness, depression… and then…

You can look around you and see that you’re absolutely surrounded by loving and caring people that would give anything to take the pain away. Even strangers.

What a beautiful world we live in. Continue reading


The Do’s and Don’ts of Jisan Valley Rock Festival 2012

Looks like everyone is getting ready for one of the biggest rock scenes in Korea’s hot and muggy summer, Jisan!

This will be my second year at the gig, but I know many people who are going for the first time. Coming from experience (and boy, some of those were really nerve-wrecking), I’m going to share with you some of the inside scoop for how to have a great time at the festival.


  1. Bring extra towels, sunscreen, a hat (no one cares what you look like after a few beers anyway), changes of underwear, something that passes as a blanket (micro-fiber is best), and some patience to get past security.
  2. Load lots of money on your T-Money card BEFORE going to the party area. You will have to buy everything at the vendors (with the exception of cigarettes and food from the “resort area”) with it.  By the second day last year, most of the machines were broken. Not cool.
  3. Have something cushy to sleep on. This can also be a random stranger or friend. Just please ask first.
  4. Carry a schedule with you. Preferably in one of these things:

    (Schedules and ID holders can be found at the gate, but the waterproof holders are not cheap unless you sign up for a million email offers at the beginning of the festival)
  5. Sleep during the day, party all night (if you can). Chances are you’ll want to see some bands and not want to miss out… plus, there is NOTHING to do from 5am til about 11/noon. Get some snooze.

6. DRINK WATER. I shouldn’t have to explain why except to show you this picture:

(That’s you after partying all night and forgetting to save a bottle of water for the next morning, only to stumble out of your tent, still drunk, crawling for the icky water station fountain. Seriously.)


  1. Do not bring alcohol into the festival. No glass or plastic bottles are allowed (other than UNOPENED water bottles). You can buy it there. Last year, they had an inflatable Jager tent. Yeah.
  2. Do not attempt to cook in the camping grounds. Actually, you probably shouldn’t be cooking anywhere. Just eat some kimchi and be happy.
  3. Do not wear contacts unless you like mud being flung into your eyes to feel the burning sensation. Masochist.
  4. Do not worry about your fashion sense, unless you have conformed to a certain aspect of Korean culture where you must look insanely beautiful/drop-dead gorgeous at all times. You can wear the same clothes for three days. Your friends won’t care, and if you’re there to hook up, that person probably won’t care either (unless they are one of the above mentioned people).
  5. DO. NOT. EVER. Shower in the shower stalls. I mean, it’s ok if you feel the need to bathe, as I understand that. But seriously, the water is ARCTIC CIRCLE cold and there is a nice, summer-temperature creek running right by the camping ground. The baths are public (not a problem for me) and the water is freezing (mentioned), but the most annoying thing to me was watching the men’s line go fast, maybe 2-3min per person, whereas it was 7-10min per person in the women’s line. I waited AN HOUR AND A HALF FOR A COLD SHOWER ERMGERD. Okay, I’m done.

Remember guys, you can bring your own tent but it must be a 2-3″인용” or “person” tent. Any larger and they will make you get out.

If you need any more information, please comment below. Otherwise, have a GREAT time! See you there!

After a long hiatus…!

Hi, everyone! I feel like it’s been ages! I have a HUGE picture post for you! ^^

So we left off the blogging at this point, April 22nd or so, when I tore some ligaments in my ankle after an early morning 노래방 (norebang/karaoke) session. Continue reading

366//Week 15

April 9, Day 95
Another day at Hallym University Hospital… These were all my questions and concerns for the doctor written out in Korean. Continue reading