Korea Roundup! (Photo Post 2010-2013)

Kimchi Pots

Kimchi Pots

The last few years have been incredible. Life-changing. Inspiring. Lots of adjectives.

I’ve opened up myself to new experiences, opportunities, and people. I’ve seen the good and the bad.

And somehow, I’ve managed to survive when I sometimes felt like I wouldn’t be able to anymore.

We all have that, don’t we? That enate ability to survive. That willpower that sees us through even when you reach the darkest depths.

I feel like most people will have their moment… the one where you feel like you’ve got nothing left, you’re surrounded by darkness, loneliness, depression… and then…

You can look around you and see that you’re absolutely surrounded by loving and caring people that would give anything to take the pain away. Even strangers.

What a beautiful world we live in. Continue reading


366//Week 10

This is really, unusually late. With the start of the new semester at work, I’ve been busier than before. I’d like to keep on top of this and share these photos with you, still, though. 🙂

March 4, Day 64
Dried frogs at the Outdoor Market in Anyang. Continue reading

366//Week 7

366 Day Photo Challenge: Week 7

This week was really great, especially Valentine’s Day and the day I made all kinds of freezer meals for the coming weeks. Winter seems to make me feel all unmotivated, so bringing in new dishes and flavors is really helping me stick to my “healthy eating” trend and at the same time, branch out to new ways of preparing dishes for myself.
PS- I’m trying to stay away from food pictures from now on, but sometimes I just can’t help it! Food is a huge part of life, especially mine!

Coming soon, the week of Feb 19-25, my birthday week!

Feb 13, Day 44

After a long day at work and buttoning up against the cold, Sirius and I played a bit of ball together in the apartment. Continue reading

366//Week 6

Midway through last week, I decided to make a weekly update for photos and focus on making longer blog posts throughout the rest of the week. Henceforth, 366 will be updated on Sunday nights! Hope you enjoy.

Feb 8, Day 39

Apartment mountains… Continue reading