Where Do We Go From Here?

Last year, I created three blogs in the hope that one of them would find huge success. It turns out that three blogs is a lot of work!


I did find a small glimmer of hope over at Eat Your Lunchee. This blog is specifically designed for foodies interested in School Lunches, especially in Korea.

This year, I have a new direction, and that’s food. Not just the Lunch-ees… but my own recipes. I’m inspired by many bloggers, namely 519 Kitchen and A Fat Girl’s Food Guide. I’ve been following them for quite some time and they give me great ideas!

Soon, the layout of “Everything Rae” will change to something new and shiny, especially formatted to fit all of the food I want to share with you.

Thank you so much for following my adventures. I look forward to the change and a new outlook on blogging!


366//Week 11

Hello! This week was rather exciting. I started a new gym membership and felt the excitement leading up to St. Paddy’s Day. 🙂 Here are a few snaps from the week.

March 12, Day 70
My first day back at the gym. Continue reading

366//Week 6

Midway through last week, I decided to make a weekly update for photos and focus on making longer blog posts throughout the rest of the week. Henceforth, 366 will be updated on Sunday nights! Hope you enjoy.

Feb 8, Day 39

Apartment mountains… Continue reading

The End of My “Face Book”

It occurred to me this morning that I was finished with the politics of Facebook while I  listened to the Van Gogh poster I’d tried to hang up the night before begin to rip away from the corrugated wall of my studio apartment.

I lay there, iPhone in palm, at 3:45am. The sound of the tape peeling off the wall had woken me up, but what was the first thing I did upon waking?

I checked Facebook. Continue reading